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AURICAL Plus Testing and Fitting System

Auricular Audiometry

The AURICAL Plus is a comprehensive diagnostic and fitting system featuring full 2-channel clinical audiometry, real ear measurement, NOAH/HI-PRO programming and a built-in 2cc test chamber for hearing instrument testing.

New features

  • Easy-to-use NOAH-3 based software
  • Compact, space-saving design – can be packed into one rolling case and taken anywhere
  • openREM modality for fitting non-occluding, “open” hearing instruments
  • Simultaneous display of hearing instrument manufacturer’s fitting module and REM test
  • Optional built-in HI-PRO, speaker and 2cc test chamber
  • XML and PDF data export permit the sharing of data across systems
  • Upgrade package available for Aurical users

AURICAL Plus opens up new horizons for hearing instrument fitting

With more than 10,000 systems in use around the world, the PC-based MADSEN Aurical has become the industry standard for objective fitting and verification. Building on the success of the Aurical, AURICAL Plus offers more functionality, connectivity and interaction.

What’s so exciting about AURICAL Plus is that each step in the fitting process – audiometry, real ear, hearing instrument testing, fitting and programming – can be performed on the same computer or network.

One streamlined, integrated process saves you valuable time and provides your patients with significantly better, more efficient service.

Modular solutions fit any requirements – now, and in the future

The AURICAL Plus system is modular - it consists of different modules, which can be combined as desired. The hardware unit is available with or without integral speaker and 2cc test chamber. And with or without the HI-PRO programming interface built in. Separate NOAH 3-compatible software is available for audiometry, real ear measurement and hearing instrument testing.

Just connect your PC via the USB port and install the software. And, don't forget, as PCs become more powerful, so does the AURICAL Plus - you'll never have to worry about equipment becoming obsolete.

Modularity also means that you only need to purchase what you need now – new functionality can always be added later.

Open fittings are a breeze with openREM

With the rapidly increasing popularity of non-occluding, open-fitted hearing instruments comes the need for a probe microphone system capable of performing accurate real ear measures during the fitting process. AURICAL Plus features a REM module that does just that. And your patients get better open ear fittings with significantly less feedback, less occlusion and better high frequency representation.

More new software features

In addition to hardware enhancements like automatic switching of AC transducers and USB connection, AURICAL Plus offers a print layout designer which can include tympanometry test results together with diagnostic audiometry, all on one page. For speech audiometry, you can also make use of hard drive-based digital word lists thus eliminating noise and delays from CD-ROM drives. And to ensure you can always remember how to navigate the software, we have provided detailed online documentation.


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