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Nose Function Computerized Analysis

Acoustic Rhinometry

What is Acoustic Rhinometry?
Acoustic Rhinometry is a relatively new non-invasive assessment of the upper airway dimensions. The method is based on advanced acoustic techniques. By sending wide-band noise signals into the nose and analyzing the reflected sound, a clear picture of the cross-sectional area is presented.

Cross-sectional Area

We also have another nasal test that is complimentary to Acoustic Rhinometry, this test measures the inflow and outflow of fair into the nose, both test are complimentary. These tests are very useful and specific to investigate nasal function and anatomic problems inside the nose; they evaluate the pre and post treatment status. Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be evaluated to rule out obstructive problems in the nose that can be part of the problem.

Patients with Allergic Rhinitis or turbinate enlargement can be evaluated before and after treatment and select patients that can be beneficiated with surgery.

Rhinometry Precision

Para más información acerca de este Procedimiento puede visitar la siguiente página Web:

Acoustic Rhinometry Test

Acoustic Rhinometry Test




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