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What is a septoplasty?
A septoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the nasal septum is straightened.

What is the nasal septum?
The nasal septum is the part of the nose that divides the right nasal cavity from the left nasal cavity (see diagrams). The septum usually lies directly in the center of the nose and rests on a bony ridge called the maxillary crest. The septum is made up of several layers. In the front, the central portion of the septum is cartilage, a relatively soft material that is fairly flexible. More posterior, the central septum is made up of thin bone. Lying on top of the bone and cartilage is the lining of the nose, called the mucosa.

internal section of the nasal


This picture shows the internal structure of the nasal shows septum viewed in cross section. The front of the nose is to the left. The cross-hatched region is made up of cartilage. Towards the back, the septum is made up of thin bone.

When and why is a septoplasty done?
A septoplasty is done if the septum is so crooked that it interferes with breathing or causes other problems. Few people actually have a perfectly straight septum, but in most cases the amount of bending is not large enough to be noticed.

deviated septum

This image shows the nose viewed from below. In this case the septum is deviated to the patient's right side. In some cases the front part of the septum is in the proper position, but the rear portion has the deviation.

Additional Images
Septum Deviation
Types of Deviation of the Septum
Tomography of the Deavitation of the Septum

Septum Deviation

Types of Deviation of the Septum

Tomography of the Deavitation of the Septum


Septal Deviation and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Septal Deviation and Chronic Rhinosinusitis



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