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Nose Function Computerized Analysis


Before the endoscopes came into vogue ENT surgeons depended on the headlight to make a diagnosis and treat nasal diseases. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of difficult nasal conditions was not possible because of the difficulty of delivering good illumination and sufficient magnification into the narrow passages of the nose.  With the introduction of the rigid endoscopes it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis painlessly in nearly most of the cases.  The patient himself can view the pathology in the nasal cavity, which leads to a better understanding  of the disease and treatment options available.

After spraying the nasal cavity with a surface anaesthetic agent the nasal cavity, sinus drainage areas and post nasal space is studied using a 0 and 30 degree rigid telescope.  It is a totally painless procedure and provides detailed information regarding the state of the nasal mucosa, hidden disease within the confines of the nose, diagnosis of latent sinusitis, identifying disease in the nasopharynx or post nasal space.  The nasopharynx especially is a difficult area to examine in the outpatient setting and early disease can easily be missed.  This mode of examining the nose and sinuses has revolutionised diagnosis and treatment of sinus pathology.

Additional Image - Endoscopic Image

Additional Image - Endoscopic Image

Ear, Troath and Larynx Flexible Endoscopy

Ear, Troath and Larynx Flexible Endoscopy


Endoscopía Rígida Diagnóstica

Área de Endoscopia Nasal


Visualización Directa Endonasal

Visualización Directa Endonasal



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